Friends, Students, Teachers, Trainers, Competition, Seminars and otherwise just wonderful moments...
Photo taken in early 90's (Left to Right) Wallace Stewart, John Thomas (d), Tony and Karl Wagner
(L-R, standing) Lynn Goldsmith, Sherry Taylor, Barry Hunter, (L-R, kneeling) Stan Cole and Dr. Michael Jackson.
Sensei Lawrence Lewis (d) and Karl Wagner
A promoted Karl Wagner with sensei, Lorraine Lewis.
Mr. Wagner with his children Michael, Belinda and Robbie pictured with members of the Asheville Area Black Belt Class (from Mr Wagner to left are Lynn Goldsmith, Stanley Cole, Sherry Taylor, Barry Hunter and Dr. Michael Jackson).
A promoted Karl Wagner with sensei/trainer, Lawrence Lewis (d)
A surprised winner... 18 year old Karl Wagner standing over his opponent whom he KO' ed 90 seconds in the first round.
Winners at 1980 Bristol, TN kickboxing event. (left to right, Anthony Hawthorne, Karl Wagner, Stan Cole, David ? and Mike Matthews)
Chuck Norris, Karl Wagner and Bill' Superfoot' Wallace, 1978
Karl Wagner with Shihan Fumio Demura at Asheville, NC seminar.
Fellow yudansha congratulating Mr. Wagner on promotion. Supported by Pete Roberts with Stan Cole on stand-by.
Seminars with world welter-weight champion Benny "The Jet" Urquidez during the kickboxing years.
Seminars with Grandmaster Bobby Taboada of Balintawak Escrima and Filipino Boxing.
Seminars with Taika Seiyu Oyata, Ryukyu Kempo / Oyata Shin Shu Ho
Shihan Fumio Demura.
Wagner taking first place in black belt kata at a TKC (Tennesee Karate Circuit) tournament in Knoxville.
Master Allen Wheeler (d), Founder of Tennesee Karate Circuit (TKC) and Okinawan Karate Union (OKU).
Karl Wagner with fellow competitors,
1994 Arden, NC tournanment.
Karl Wagner training with Jeanne Ye
at Taika Seiyu Oyata seminar.
Columbia, SC 1997.
My good friends and fellow karate-ka in Okinawa. Sensei Katherine Loukopoulus kneeling at left.
Keep checking back. I may have new photos posted.
2009 Lui Chang I's Feeding Crane Kung-fu seminar in Arden, NC. (left to right)
Kimo Wall, Karl Wagner
and Sifu Lui Chang I.
Sensei Kevin Roberts' Renbukan Dojo in Arden, NC. L-R: Senseis Kevin Roberts, Doug Perry and Karl Wagner.
Sensei Wagner's years in
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Karl Wagner with Taika Seiyu Oyata (d), Ryukyu Kempo / Oyata Shin Shu Ho and his Senior student,
Taishi Jim Logue (d)
Karl Wagner and Troy Price
Shuri-te Bujutsu seminar
Karl Wagner with Troy Price
Myrtle Beach 2014 DSI
Remembrance seminar
Karl Wagner and student, Dusty Freck
with Hanshi Lorraine Lewis (middle)
celebrating her birthday
Karl Wagner with Dr. Rick Fields
A visit to our dojo in 2014
Karl Wagner with Scott Shamblin
Myrtle Beach 2014
Karl Wagner with Don and Jan Roberts
Myrtle Beach 2014
Dr. Rick Fields and his wife Sue Hawkes Fields
with Karl Wagner and his wife Estela Wagner
Dining out after a visit to our dojo in 2015
Karl Wagner lined up between
John Thomas (d) and Rodney Lewis
Tournament in 1978
1st Jim Logue Memorial Seminar
Lexington, SC 2014
2nd Jim Logue Memorial Seminar
Lexington, SC 2014
Karl Wagner sitting to the left of
Eiichi Miyazato, Goju-ryu master
during visit to the Jundokan in
Naha, Okinawa pref. Japan 1996
17 year old Karl Wagner striking a pose.
Then and Now.
My how we age gracefully?!
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